Guided by Horses

Guided by Horses is SevenEight Psychology’s equine assisted therapy and learning program. It is available on its own or can be used with any of the other therapies I offer. For over 30 years I have known the healing power of horses. For many, horses embody strength, beauty, power and freedom. They are highly sensitive and intuitive, and being in their presence can be inspiring.

Why horses?

“Horses change lives. They give out … confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls, they give us hope” – Toni Robinson

Working with horses to encourage growth and healing is a unique experience. Over many years of domestication, horses have become attuned to human emotions. A psychologically healthy horse can be an amazing partner in therapy and learning. Horses model an authentic and honest way of being that can teach us so much. Often in life we are busy or preoccupied and spend so much time ‘doing’ that we forget about ‘being’. Slowing down and reconnecting with ourselves with awareness is a key focus in equine assisted therapy. With horses we can build a relationship that is completely honest and free from judgment. They give feedback, express emotions, set boundaries and value their own well-being, and in doing so they teach us to do the same.

Healing and growth do not only happen in the therapy room. I find being out in nature, especially when I am with my herd, particularly restorative, and I love the idea of being able to engage in therapy or personal growth and development in such an organic way. Whatever your inspiration, equine assisted therapy has been shown to help with a variety of needs, from self-discovery and understanding right through to complex trauma. Working with horses as well as your psychologist is a little different to the usual therapist-client relationship, and offers a unique pathway to improved well-being. The scientific evidence  for therapy with horses is growing, and is beginning to catch up with what many people have known in their hearts since they first encountered the horse.

Want to know more?

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