What to expect at SevenEight Psychology

Session Length

The different treatment options that I provide each has their own unique feel about them. All treatment sessions are approximately 50 minutes in duration which gives us time for administrative tasks.

For your first session, please allow 90 minutes as there will be some paperwork and a few short questionnaires to complete when you first arrive.


If you would like to bring a support person to your first appointment please let me know. It is important that you feel free to speak openly and honestly in your session. For this reason I usually ask support people in at the end when we talk about our plans for treatment. Of course, if you do not want them to come in to the session at all, or really feel that they need to be there for the whole time, that is completely up to you.

The therapeutic relationship

The professional relationship between client and therapist has consistently been shown to be one, if not the, most important factors in successful therapy. This is regardless of the type of intervention a person receives. I take a calm and relaxed approach to therapy whilst still giving you the best treatment.

Sessions are usually limited in number, and it is therefore vital that you get what you need. If you feel that our sessions are not working for you, or my style is not to your liking, it is very important that you let me know. We may be able to change things up or agree that you should seek a different referral. Likewise, if I do not believe that I am the best person to help you, I will do my best to recommend a therapist who will better suit your needs.